Sunday, February 26, 2012

Internet should be censored. Do you agree?

          It is quite shocking to know that almost 80% of immoral teenangers watch pornography online. Please realise that teenagers are going to govern the country sooner. Are we going to hope for another 20% of teens only to fill the legacy  of our nation, yet the citizens behave violently and impolitely? How can a country be developed in this kind of situation? Therefore, we strongly agree that internet must be censored to decline the social problems among teens. Not only that, the frequency of cyber crime can also be reduce as well as scaling down the outspread rumors which can destroy the lives of many people. 
          Porno videos are rampant and widespread with easily accesed by any person including curious teens who one day, act as the pillar of society and head of a country. Porno videos contain dirty actions with indecent gestures besides lewd whispering of the immoral pornographer which are able to greatly pollute the minds, so that people tend to watch them over and over again. Consequently, without a proper sexual education, teens that have been exposed to those ghastly images will apply to their partners since they are more inclined to absorb information regarding this matter. Pornography online, therefore, contribute to unwanted pregnancies among teens and the transmitting of various diseased sexually. Then, world will be like a hell with many illegel nippers where social ills or even sexual crimes will colour the world. Hence, censoring the internet must be implemented to reduce degradation of moral values among teenagers. 
          Cyber crime nowadays are very cunning which can be categorised as the most solemn crime. It is a downside effect when people become more expert in using the modern technology especially the internet that covers all coverage in this world in a small system. Computer hackers can be seen as an illustration in cyber crime. It takes just to intrude on people’s privacy and obtain an individual’s personal information. Other than that, social websites such as facebook, myspace and twitter enable peoples to interact among them by sharing their personal information, pictures, and activities in a public view. This chance is taken by crooks to treat peoples in a smart way whereby the internet users cannot detect their bad intention. Usually, this `hat people’ act as amiable people who target the users to be a new friend and then become a new victim. So, internet security should be improved in order to provide a much better guarantees protection from cyber crime in an internet worldwide.  
          A desire to know about a well-known person is one of the interests that normally happen in each individual. To illustrate, political figure’s lifestyle can be the victim of rumors in a split second as the internet is the latest invention that can control the world and interact with others in long distances. It gives a chance to everybody to create a homepage or blog and upload almost everything including their leaders’ apologue. They have freedom to add any comment and speak out against country’s development fearlessness. Unfortunately, billions of people from all over the world can access to these websites and thus, they will have bad impression about the politicians from the entries of the blog. This expectation can also brings negative view to the citizens too. No doubt, internet can be codified as the most powerful tool for free speech and contributes greatly to the dignity of  the country regarding to the rumors that can spread online and play a vital role in destroying the lives of many people. In final analysis, internet must be censored in order to prevent the readers from surfing the inappropriate websites. 
          In conclusion, the government should play their roles in order to control the usage of internet among the citizens by censoring unbeneficial websites. We believe that people can still alive and kicking without no access to certain websites. North Korea, People Republic in China and Saudi Arabia can still develop even numerous sites are heavily and strictly controled by their national government. Definitely, internet censorship is not that horrible to everyone.  


  1. assalamualaikum... after we read through this essay, we think this essay is very good as you provide examples in international scope. congratulations and keep up the good work..

    1. Assalamualaikum..We are really enjoy reading your essay. Good effort and excellent!We get a lot of information by reading your essay.k, all the best!^^

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