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Last but not least;growing together be like?

Tamhidi 2011-2012

a happy moment together :: tak kenal maka tak tahu-baca disini ::

Zafa and Fana were actually from tutor 4, but during second sem, tutor 4 was shut down by the admin due to certain problems. Both of them are not happy because they really like to be with those people in tutor 4. Nik was originally from tutor 1.  Ms Afzan asked us to create a blog( here) and zafana chose nik to be their team mate. Nik, was a shy guy, so he was too surprised. Somehow, everything went smoothly. We completed each assignment together, during weekend especially. Zafa brought her home-made sandwich, fana brought Burger King, and nik brought McD. So, this was how we met.
Tutor 4
Tutor 1

p/s: budak baru nak up..kah!

Some memories were:
:: The first batch who used the new Tamhidi building was our 2011/2012.
:: Tamhidi Jamuan Raya
:: Makan-makan at rumah Mai + exchange presents

:: Dinner and award ceremony. nikzafana got dean list(anugerah pengarah) award!!!
:: Tamhidi Sport Carnival

Pre-clinical 2012-2015

Medical school began.

1st year
- Hospital Ampang visit during introduction week
- got our own microscope !!
- create Arabic video. Nik@KL, fana@KL-kelantan, zafa@penang
- to the National Zoo

- Birthday present
Nik- pink t-shirt (he is so choosy)
zafa- blue blouse
fana- she didnt remember -..- (this is how friendship goes)

2nd year
- Kompleks Kraftangan and Kuala Lumpur Art Gallery for CTPS subject
- English musical theatre at KL festival
- National Nuclear Institute visit
- English get away click here
- organise Inter faculty scrabble competition
- We passed our First professional examination (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry)
- Annual birthday present
nik- baju raihan (he said it was too big, choosy!)
zafa- handbag (she rarely use it)
fana- boboiboy blanket (exclusive. she loved it so much)
- konvoi raya!! click here

3rd year
- Our faculty open day click here
-Majlis Makan Malam Amal FPSK USIM 2015

- OPKIM at Kedah; we were adopted (nik was a director!)
- We also passed our Second professional examination (pathology, parasitology, microbiology, pharmacology, community health)
- PPD Camping at Johor

- Research methodology
- Annual birthday present
nik- yonex t-shirt (he choose and ask us to buy that)
zafa- whitecoat (bajet saiz besar)
fana- figure boboiboy and jersey (over-budget)

Clinical year (2015-now)

4th year
we were divided into two big groups, Medicine and Surgery.
- our first posting was Surgery
acah-acah doktor
- KL-Temerloh-Ampang-Hoshas
- venepuncture, set-up branula, ABG; all are so new
- log book, case write up, on call summary
- diseases, patients, nurses, sisters, houseman, medical officer, specialist, consultant

and here we are right now at McD (this place is chose due to wifi availability) mesmerising and throwing back our memories.

Things end, but memories last forever. Create more.
Please pray for us guys.

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Depan Hospital Ampang
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real draft of this post

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Open Day FPSK


Hiiii everyone!!! 

We are grateful for this new entry after longgggg time in silent mode... haha... As you know or maybe some of you do not know, nikzafana are currently studying medical course in Faculty Medicine & Health Science (FPSK) in USIM (Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur). So, here we come to you with a great event in our campus in conjunction with 10th years FPSK Anniversary

Let's have a look!!!

Open Day Fpsk !!!!!!!!!!!

We warmly welcome you to our beloved Faculty of Medicine and Health Science Open Day on this coming 21st November 2014. Grab this chance to explore our place and join all activities we have provided. You will surely gain nice experiences, excitement and fun.
There is nothing to lose. So, let's save our date! 

These are several activities during the programme :

  • Campus Tour - Let us get to know to our faculty! We have a lot of sophisticated facilities that you can even try them out! 
  • Exhibition - We will provide you a lot of information about health and sciences in attractive ways that you can apply them for a better lifestyle. 
  • Free Medical Chek up - Save your budget and seek our trusted physicians to know your health status and free consultation. We will try our best to help you because we love you. 
  • Carrier Talk - Competition in gaining jobs nowadays is so high. So, don't miss the talk to know the secrets from our speakers that may help you in future. 
  • Many other activities 

Thank you! See you there :)

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences,
Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia,
Level 13, Menara B, Persiaran MPAJ,
Jalan Pandan Utama, Pandan Indah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4289 2400 Fax :03-4289 2477

Thursday, August 28, 2014

eid mubarak

#gen8 #fpsk #usim



'kita berjalan atas highway yang sama'
we love uolsssss.harhar
1 2 3 ! ! ! snap!!

15 cars were involved
may ALLAH bless.insyaALLAH


special credit to ustaz kamel for taking these wonderfulll pictures




Monday, December 2, 2013


 For me, English getaway is the best program ever that I had attended since I registered myself as USIM’s student 2 years ago. Most of my batch’s members joined this program and I love gathering together with them and do something different outside the class that we always do everyday. I almost die in bored with it. So, this program which was held at Tanjung Bidara, Melaka was very amazing.

 Honestly, I’m still not comfortable working with some of my girlfriends (my opposite sex friends) although we are frequently in the same group before. D10 was my group here and cheering along the beach and playing some ‘sukaneka’ games with my teammates made us closer than before. It was quite awkward moment when we had to speak in English all the time during the programme. We tried to speak in English though it was sometimes 'broken English'.

 The thing I felt proud with my friends was that they were not laughing at me when I spoke because we knew we were learning to speak and everybody knew their weakness. So, even my group did not win any game, I satisfied with it because sometimes, racing for fun is much better than racing for glory J.

Well done! English get away was so amazing. After about 7 months waiting (well, it supposed to be on 26th April 2013) we were able to feel the enjoyment which our miss Q used to tell during the class. It was a worth waiting though we only spent 2days and 1night at Tanjung Bidara, Melaka. Well, it is not a camp if there is no group. So, i got my own group and we chose 'MockingJay' to be our group name. My group members were Muin, Kucai, Aqis, Fatin Nadhirah, Aya, Zira, Mdm Cheya and Tirah. We would love to be known as a moderate group. (Why? It was our secret, hoho). To my team, thank you, i was really having fun while learning new things.
Tanjung Bidara was nice. God's creation is always perfect! Subhanallah.
Some of the activities that I would like to mention here are Don't say it, Read out loud, and explorace. I don't want to tell you how the games are played, but you can comment below by asking some questions, hoho. Well actually, my group lost all the games except ... I don't remember what was the game.. haha.. But, the most important thing was that Mockingjay succeeded to beat d10 (nik's group) and it was super competitive because d10 was about to win, unfortunately they lost their marks almost at the end of the game. So, that was our first star! Hip hip horay! Haha.
Ouh, i would like to tell you the first activity that we played at the beach - sandcastle. We were asked to make our imaginary country and jeng jeng jeng... The D island!
No comment. Haha I have some comments for other groups. Aman's group won the game. Their Niagra Fall was a great idea. Mag-X had the longest river. They built the river until it flow to the sea. The sandcastle of Jijy's group was beautiful, somehow the government building, the village were all underground -.-
Well said, different people got different unique ideas. Good job everyone!
I think that is all. We are lucky enough to have miss Q as our English lecturer. Thank you miss Q! Also, thank you fasi (students of 4th year), and all the people who were involved in English Get Away.
Ouh, Malacca's food are hot and spicy! Beware.

‘Sun in the sky, fish in the sea.’

 Be nice and be simple. English Getaway. A compulsory camp that we have to attend during pre-clinical year. Every second and every minute and every hour we have to speak in English. Otherwise, our marks will be deducted. :p

Destination: Tanjung Bidara Beach, Malacca
Hotel: Kompleks Falak Al-Khawarizmi
Date: 30 Nov & 1 Dec 2013

 The BEST part/UNFORGETTABLE moment for me was when I can ‘float’ on the ‘ocean surface’ by myself.WHOOAAAAA!!!!(after 5 6 7 attempts). HaHa. Hohoho.. No need to describe about the activities because Nik & Zafa had fully shared everything. I really enjoyed all the moments here especially the activities that were conducted by our seniors. 

 Oh FYI, I’m from F7 group and my super duper rolie polie olie group members were Abe+Aziz+Mirul+Apah+Aimi+Aina+Ish+Syakirah+Solehah+Fana(me). 
My group is so damn awesome actually because we managed to get the ‘bombastic’ marks and two stars.harharhar~

‘You make me fly, you make me cry ’





p/s: those pictures are taken from Gen-8's FB.thanks guys. ;))

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KAMI lagi
KAMI lagi dan lagi

dear readers,
'preview' these pictures with your
please pray for us ;)

kepada kami,
may this bond will last forever!ameen.....
good luck and all the best!

kami-8th generation of USIM fMED 

Monday, February 18, 2013


we are together again...setia hujung nyawa

just stay cool and keep calm...

study hard but not too hard...
study smart but not study hard...

all the best!!!!!


Friday, January 25, 2013

setia hujung nyawa

i am not intend to talk about that story, but i just like the quote which describes the whole story.

"tiada insan yang suci yang tidak mempunyai masa lampau,
dan tiada insan yang berdosa yang tidak mempunyai masa depan."

well said.

i agree with the quote and that kinda give me some motivation.

even the prophet Nabi Muhammad had said that there will be no one can escape from doing mistakes and the best among them is those who have repent to Allah. 

You may do not know how bad i was last time. most people say i am physically a happy go lucky person but that doesn't mean that youu are given tickets to fool around me or a chance to hurt my feelings.

i am euphoric, glad to befriend with you and the friendship we built, i would like to say that is ni'mah (نعمة).

I am happy if you could correct me when i make mistakes that sometimes i don't even realize that is wrong. Poor me huh?

Lately, i quite confused, frustrated and at the same time i tried to control myself but i don't even know either i have chosen the right choice or not. Yeah, life is complicated.

to all my friends i have ever recognized on earth, please, i don't want to be the old me. believe me, you won't like it.

this is my confession. 
hey there, don't scared if you treat me nicely. :P

You have to treat people nicely before you are treated nicely by them. confusing enough huh? 

That's all. i apologize for any hurt. no offense yeah.

#this post is written by Nur Izzati Fathin (she is quite emotional lately due to an incident that some of you maybe know of not, but it is not a worth matter to talk about)
#my English is bad. My bad. 
#am happy for any comments