Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting to know us~

We are not anonymous..

Hi, my name is Nik. First of all, I want to thank you so much as you are willing to google this blog. Next, a little bit about myself, I was born on 17 March 1993 with a name Nik Muhamad Amirusyaref Bin Nik Ghuyub. It is five times longer than my nick name. This name is given by my father and I don’t know whether he thinks or not how can I give name of my son soon.  Never mind, whatever it is, I am too proud with it due to its significant meaning that I need to build it in myself. My hometown is in Terengganu. I lived there since I was born until now. About my appearances, I am the tallest person in my tutorial group and some of my friends describe me as a shy and quite person but it is absolutely false. ‘Dont judge a book by its cover’. Lastly, now I am struggling to futher my study in medical field to realise my mother’s dream which is she wants to see me as a doctor in future. InsyaALLAH..........


~19 years ago a cute baby was born on 11th January 1993 in HUSM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. Her parents 

were so excited at that time because she was the first baby girl they got. She is the fourth child out of five. Oh!!!!How lucky they are… Their daughter  is a simple person who lives in 

ordinary life but tries to give an extraordinary result in what ever she 

does…Sometimes, she will be a silent person[thinking for the futureJ] but sometimes she can be talkative too. From now on, she is a blogger instead of a silent reader!!!Apart from that, she likes 

to read comics especially Detective Conan and she loves to cooperate with her friend that share the same 

interest to collect all the series of the Detective Conan. Based on the observing, majority of the kids like to play with her. Due to that, she decides to be a pediatrician one day...INSYAALLAH…..If you do not know where you are going, any road will get you there at last.. Believe in ALLAH, 

everything will be fine...The icing of the cake was that this special person i

Nurul Farhana 
Binti Mohd Pua’at Zuzaki….



Proud to be a Muslimah,

Dear readers,
Always feel free to express yourself. I’m proud to be 
NurIzzati Fathin binti Ahmad Subki and I feel free to be myself. 3rd December is a special, historical day in my life and now, I’m 19 who is still studying, learning, and always enjoy for being myself. I have no specific 
hobby to be told, but I often do some activities which are beneficial to keep my health in the best condition. Being the eldest daughter is quite enjoyable. Usually, when I return back home during holiday, I feel like I am the apple of my siblings’ eyes because they will try to do what I ask for, tell me their experiences and even their top secrets! Well, actually, I miss them right now. Next, I am currently trying my best to achieve my dream in future, generally to be a successful lady someday. My advice, ‘learn the hard way, study the smart way’ (copied from my inspiring lecturer, Madam Sakinah Thomas). Words that may describe me are happy go lucky, amiable, simple, and active.
Okay, that is all from me.

That's me... erk,

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