Thursday, December 6, 2012

SUFA road relay

1st December 2012 was a historical day for me, us, the athletes, students of FmeD and our couch. Ooooh December. There will be many sorts of things we are going to face this December; quizzes, seminars, programs, final examination. ~(@.@~)


Well, that day was the closing ceremony for SUFA, sports inter-faculties. The last event was road relay whereby each of group consists of 7 students, run as fast as possible, one by one, the 400m tracks, passing baton, shouting, cheering, giving supports, collapsed (usually the girls), amazing, craving for gold medal, and that moment was superb.

Nik didn’t join this event, but Fana and I did. Somehow, he still came giving supports to both of us and other team from our faculty. Of course, he had representing our faculty for badminton and that was enough for him. Let other students join road relay or he will conquered all events. (Just kidding).

what an awesome guy ---> NIK.. :P

Frankly, I could see each one of us showed their determination. I believed they had done their best. Even the baton accidentally fell down, she wasn’t give up easily. She picked up the baton and continued running to the finishing line. Even she knew she wouldn’t get the gold medal or silver, she still finished her run. Even her legs were cramp, she insisted to stop before reaching the finishing line though she had to walk slowly, unable to run as other people. These are few things I could see today and these are all about our determination, sportsmanship.

I am glad, happy, delighted, pleased and yeah, it is fun. Thankful to God.

One for all, all for one, we are family.. champion for 3 years successively... :)

birthday zafa

tanggal 3 desember 1993 lahir lah budak sorg penang kteorg (nik & fana) pakat nk bg xleh bg on da date..sbb fana x sihat..xkn ak yg nk bli terpkse la tngu keesokn hri nye...esoknye....ttbe fana msj...ok sume hdiah dah setel..tngal nk bg je..hrga sume RM**.**...*6pak sngt murah..never mind....bajet nk buat surprise la konon...plan pnye plan last2 canceled!...bnyk betol halangan...last2 kteorg dcide nk letak je atas katil budak penang uh *fana yg letak....pas2 problem lg-bilik zafa kunci...letak je la dpan pn2 uh,,,pndai2 hg ambik 6t..kad dah ade dlm uh....then tngu budak penang uh balikkkkkkk.......................kring2 kring2...*msing2 dpt call....dah agak...zafa yg call...gaye bhse so excited + terharu...hoho..bguslah dye ske..sbb fana yg plih..klw ak plih mmg jd jubah la blouse nie je yg kteorg mmpu bg zafa oiii...hepy birthdiaqqq, smoga pnjang umuq n murah rezekiq..*ayat lapuk--mlz nk pkir...ok sekian :)
                                                                             birthday girl~~

                                                 kad, cup cake, n blouse inside the paper bag

                                                                       card-simple one 

                                                           bersyukur lah umur msih pnjang