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Last but not least;growing together be like?

Tamhidi 2011-2012

a happy moment together :: tak kenal maka tak tahu-baca disini ::

Zafa and Fana were actually from tutor 4, but during second sem, tutor 4 was shut down by the admin due to certain problems. Both of them are not happy because they really like to be with those people in tutor 4. Nik was originally from tutor 1.  Ms Afzan asked us to create a blog( here) and zafana chose nik to be their team mate. Nik, was a shy guy, so he was too surprised. Somehow, everything went smoothly. We completed each assignment together, during weekend especially. Zafa brought her home-made sandwich, fana brought Burger King, and nik brought McD. So, this was how we met.
Tutor 4
Tutor 1

p/s: budak baru nak up..kah!

Some memories were:
:: The first batch who used the new Tamhidi building was our 2011/2012.
:: Tamhidi Jamuan Raya
:: Makan-makan at rumah Mai + exchange presents

:: Dinner and award ceremony. nikzafana got dean list(anugerah pengarah) award!!!
:: Tamhidi Sport Carnival

Pre-clinical 2012-2015

Medical school began.

1st year
- Hospital Ampang visit during introduction week
- got our own microscope !!
- create Arabic video. Nik@KL, fana@KL-kelantan, zafa@penang
- to the National Zoo

- Birthday present
Nik- pink t-shirt (he is so choosy)
zafa- blue blouse
fana- she didnt remember -..- (this is how friendship goes)

2nd year
- Kompleks Kraftangan and Kuala Lumpur Art Gallery for CTPS subject
- English musical theatre at KL festival
- National Nuclear Institute visit
- English get away click here
- organise Inter faculty scrabble competition
- We passed our First professional examination (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry)
- Annual birthday present
nik- baju raihan (he said it was too big, choosy!)
zafa- handbag (she rarely use it)
fana- boboiboy blanket (exclusive. she loved it so much)
- konvoi raya!! click here

3rd year
- Our faculty open day click here
-Majlis Makan Malam Amal FPSK USIM 2015

- OPKIM at Kedah; we were adopted (nik was a director!)
- We also passed our Second professional examination (pathology, parasitology, microbiology, pharmacology, community health)
- PPD Camping at Johor

- Research methodology
- Annual birthday present
nik- yonex t-shirt (he choose and ask us to buy that)
zafa- whitecoat (bajet saiz besar)
fana- figure boboiboy and jersey (over-budget)

Clinical year (2015-now)

4th year
we were divided into two big groups, Medicine and Surgery.
- our first posting was Surgery
acah-acah doktor
- KL-Temerloh-Ampang-Hoshas
- venepuncture, set-up branula, ABG; all are so new
- log book, case write up, on call summary
- diseases, patients, nurses, sisters, houseman, medical officer, specialist, consultant

and here we are right now at McD (this place is chose due to wifi availability) mesmerising and throwing back our memories.

Things end, but memories last forever. Create more.
Please pray for us guys.

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Depan Hospital Ampang
Saturday, 12 December 2015


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