Friday, January 25, 2013

setia hujung nyawa

i am not intend to talk about that story, but i just like the quote which describes the whole story.

"tiada insan yang suci yang tidak mempunyai masa lampau,
dan tiada insan yang berdosa yang tidak mempunyai masa depan."

well said.

i agree with the quote and that kinda give me some motivation.

even the prophet Nabi Muhammad had said that there will be no one can escape from doing mistakes and the best among them is those who have repent to Allah. 

You may do not know how bad i was last time. most people say i am physically a happy go lucky person but that doesn't mean that youu are given tickets to fool around me or a chance to hurt my feelings.

i am euphoric, glad to befriend with you and the friendship we built, i would like to say that is ni'mah (نعمة).

I am happy if you could correct me when i make mistakes that sometimes i don't even realize that is wrong. Poor me huh?

Lately, i quite confused, frustrated and at the same time i tried to control myself but i don't even know either i have chosen the right choice or not. Yeah, life is complicated.

to all my friends i have ever recognized on earth, please, i don't want to be the old me. believe me, you won't like it.

this is my confession. 
hey there, don't scared if you treat me nicely. :P

You have to treat people nicely before you are treated nicely by them. confusing enough huh? 

That's all. i apologize for any hurt. no offense yeah.

#this post is written by Nur Izzati Fathin (she is quite emotional lately due to an incident that some of you maybe know of not, but it is not a worth matter to talk about)
#my English is bad. My bad. 
#am happy for any comments

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