Friday, October 5, 2012


it has been a long time for not updating our blog. well, first and foremost, lets be thankful to Him that we are still breathing till today. alhamdulliah...... we manage to be medical students at FPSK, USIM. But, it is not located at nilai, it is at Pandah Indah, Kuala Lumpur. *hey there friends at nilai, do you know that we are here?* :P

Actually, though we are at the same faculty, but we are rarely giving chances to be in a group (nikzafana). In fact, zafa and fana have no chance to be in the same group at all. somehow, it is not a big matter to deal with since we can still talk to each other, discuss about thing during leisure time and eat together?? haha

So, i would like to tell you about my English lesson by ms Q. WOW, she is super amazing!! (ehem, all my teachers, lecturers are super amazing too) Last Tuesday, i played scrabble with my peers and it was awesome since i had never had an experience playing this kind of awesome game with my awesome peers who were able to make up an awesome word. AWESOME!! haha. I thought that scrabble was boring, sleepy game. but, actually i was wrong. this game is super interesting and fun. somehow, i still want to say that scrabble is all about your luck. my friend, aini, succeed to use all the seven tiles for a word 'hotness'. wow, aini was then a hot girl! LOL. i was in a group with wafa', amira and hilmi. we played about an hour. guess what? i am the first one in my group to say "i challenge the word" proudly and bravely for the word "ev" made by wafa'. then, we checked it using the dictionary in my friend's iphone and it really exist. ev=electron volt. then, bad luck, i lost my turn. -,- (pity me huh?)

ms Q then approached us and see how was it going? then she stared the word 'oxe'. what was that? hahahahahaha, "ms, i made that word and i convince that that word does not exist in this world but i dare my myself to make it and lucky me, nobody challenge me". that is what we call as luck! @.@''

things got complicated when i only had the word Q,Z and another letter (sorry, i dont remember). Arghh!! but, ms helped me!!! she made the word QUOT and ***** (say again, i dont remember, by she managed to used the word Z at the same time which then give me the highest score for that round). hahahaha... 

unfortunately, i was not the winner. Amira was the winner.... congratulation!!

anyhow, frankly said, playing scrabble is fun. it is not just about enjoyment, but at the same time test our vocabulary. now, i realize that i still have poor vocabulary :(

so, don't just stop here. lets study smart and be a better person for today compared to yesterday :) 


*cant wait for the scrabble competition inter-year*

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