Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Friendship status

(this maybe too long)
Sahabat and Friends
Both initially give the same definition physically; instead both terms actually illustrate two different situations in our friendships (you'd learnt that before).

Something about friends

Let us recalled our memories.

  • When we were in kindergarten, we had some peers to play and learn with. Well, that time, I guess it is too young to understand the topic we are discussing now. We enjoyed our lives and there were not many responsibilities to hold on that time compared to who we are today. We played with crayons, magic pens, marbles and what so ever stuff we had.
  • During primary school, life was not much change like in kindergarten. Thing I realized the different the most was that I got more friends. It was like when I know that person, automatically then she or he was my friend though we did not spend much time together. I had my diary I kept in my wardrobe which I wrote my story (don’t laugh). I asked my ‘best friend’ to fill some parts in my diary about their background; name, phone number, address, hobby etc. (I guess most of the girls did it). I really hoped they would still be my best friend forever.
  • Being a secondary school student had really opened my eyes about friends. Most of us had quite good number of friends and so do I. Some of us had their own gang or study group that strengthened the friendship between the members. The juniors were very close with the seniors. The classmates and the roommates were very intimate among them. They are all friends!
(Okay, don’t  you sometimes feel isolated in a crowd?)
 How many of you who still keep in touch with those friends you had before today?
Though you have many friends, how many sahabat among your friends you have? (I should ask myself too)

A brief explanation about sahabat

Sahabat reflects who you are. It is very hard to find true friend but Islam has shown us the way to find sahabat. Some of the signs that she or he could be your sahabat are:

One companion asked Rasulullah (saw), “Who can be my best friend?”
Rasulullah (saw) answered, “Your best friend is a person: *when you see him, he makes you remember Allah; *when you listen to him, knowledge of Islam is increased; and *when you see his actions, you are reminded of the life of the Hereafter.”
#copy paste

There are other signs that he or she could be your sahabat. (Go google by yourself)
So, Islam has told the ways to find the best friend. But, people keep saying that it is very hard to find even one best friend.

Have you ever think if everybody keep searching, hoping to meet a sahabat, but at the same time, we do not have the characteristics to be a best friend, how can we meet one? We may have someone, but typically it is very hard.

Therefore, why don’t we make changes?, rather than bothering ourselves to find sahabat, revert yourself to be a real muslim who satisfy the guidelines to be a best friend. Then, people will look for you.

Imagine (glee cast, I love it) that when every person on earth has those qualities, everyone is our best friend, close friend, sahabat. Life will be truthfully wonderful. I guess people will say it is difficult to be like them (I think I’m one of the people) but, everything to happen needs effort. So, work hard and smart, istiqamah, and always zikr Allah. Insya Allah.

*will you be my best friend?
*can I be your best friend?
*can we be best friend?
(I choose the third question)
#btw, dear best friends, please remind me, always.

That's all, sorry for any mistake, inconsiderable idea. (maybe)


  1. Really nice post :)

    Absolutely agree.
    Rather than we just trying to find our best friends or true friends or sahabat in our life, we must to keep trying and training ourselves to become a very good friend to others.

    “Anyone who wants to change him or herself to be a better Muslim, Allah will bring a lot of good people around them.”-inshaAllah-

    And also, no bodies perfect right? So, this is another friends’ responsibility to always keep remind their friends.

    Friendship till Jannah. This is our goals. Not just in this temporal world.

    So, let’s train ourselves to be a better muslim for others. Wallahu’alam :)

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  3. sahabat and friends.. why the singular and plural mashed together??

    **haha just being grammar-savvy, no hard feelings ek XD