Saturday, March 3, 2012


You are junior reporter writing for a local daily. You notice that the worlds' biggest shopaholics are to be found in Asia. Hence, you write an article to address this interesting phenomenon. Your article should integrate all the information given below. You should write 150 to 200 words.

"Shopping has become a national pastime in many Asian countries is so entrenched in lifetime in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, that governments have wisely turned this national characteristic into a major tourism attraction."

The chart illustrated that Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia was categorized as top five nations in the world’s biggest shopaholics in Asia throughout 2006.

From the bar graph provided, the highest percentage of people shop twice per week in 2006 was conquered by Hong Kong with 20%. Thailand became a second country with 10% of its citizens contributed in this interesting phenomenon and closely followed by Singapore, 7%. Next, Malaysia showed the lowest percentage that was 5% compared to other three countries. It was proven that, the scenario of this habit was caused by several reasons. Entertainment was the major reason of shopaholics in Asia as it occupied more than third quarter of the pie chart with 85%. Besides, 10% of people in Asia preferred this activity as a form of release in their lives while another 5% spent their time only to buy necessities.

In conclusion, shopping had become national interest in many Asian countries that governments had wisely turned this national characteristic into a major tourism attraction.

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Are you parts of them? 


  1. the second paragraph:

    - we thought the term 'dominated' is better to replace 'conquered',
    - "Thailand became a second country with"
    a)THE second country with...
    b)Thailand is second with...
    -"twice per weak in 2006" -> week

    but personally, we (imran) strongly disagree with the fact that entertainment had become the reason to shop, and many agreed to this...

  2. tq 4 the comment and the suggestion..but our view are not same...we totally agree that entertainment had become a common reason to shop